Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My writing has moved

This has been a strange year for me for writing in that most of it has gone elsewhere.  I started writing a paid column for an online Amazon Web Services magazine called

If you're interested in AWS you might find these articles interesting:

Setting Up Your First AWS Instance
CloudWatch Terms and Definitions
CloudWatch Alerts and Alarms
The Inner Workings of AWS Autoscaling
Combat a common error with AWS EC2 instances
Your Mission's Not That Critical
Demystifying AWS and Docker

I've also started writing for LinkedIn Pulse News.  These stories are my own observations on the software industry and on being a software developer (hopefully with the occasional insight on the wider world).  If you'd like to check those out you can visit:

Terminating BYOD
Escalating TO-DOs
Taking a collaboration clue from programmers'...
How hard is the paperwork to take time off?
Don't Waste My Time
"And" is a four letter word
When we're as big as Google...
The Moral of the story isn’t balance…
Facebook quizes as advertising

As always I'd love to hear comments from you, either here or on those pages.  If you have topics you'd like covered please let me know that as well.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am now writing for a web magazine for the Amazon Web Services space

I've started a new writing venture, writing "tips" for a new web magazine devoted to the Amazon Web Services space.  These tips are short (600 word) explanations of how to do various AWS tasks or how to understand aspects of Amazon's offerings.

Many of the tips seem to be evolving into two part series: an overview and background tip followed by a cookbook style tip.  I've taken this approach because I find that many aspects of AWS only make sense if you understand the perspective they are coming from.  They also have a fair amount of non-standard terminology that can be a road block until the terms are explained.

So far I've written on AWS registration, creating your first instance, and understanding CloudWatch.  Please check out and let me know if you have suggestions for topics.  Thanks.