Monday, November 18, 2013

Random observations from Amazon's re:Invent conference

I just returned from Amazon's re:Invent developers conference and had a few social observations.

a) the gender breakdown seemed to be about 99% male which is depressing

b) every presentation I saw was given on a MacBook

c) in the audiences I saw people taking notes on iPads and all manner of 7 inch tables (its hard to distinguish iPad Mini from Kindle Fire from generic Android at a distance.

d) I think I saw a couple of PC laptops during the week and I saw zero Surface tablets.

e) I did for the first time see two people wearing Google Glasses and I heard the term Glass-hole!

f) The Venetian hotel has a truly amazing recreation of Saint Marks Square…they basically built a IMAX like curved ceiling over the entire indoor plaza creating a realistic impression of being outdoors.

g) the technology part of the conference (the real point after all) was of course very cool and compelling but thats a post for another day!