Thursday, September 3, 2009

New issue of Pragmatic Programmer's magazine

The third issue of the new magazine PragPub from the Pragmatic Programmers is now available at

In the interest of full disclosure I'll say that I have an article in this issue, so I encourage you to go read the issue just for that.

If you're a programmer you probably already know about the Pragmatic Programers and likely have some of their books, but you may not know about the magazine. With authors like Kent Beck, Dave Thomas, Andy Hunt (and me!) it's a worthwhile investment of your time.

The unexpected thing is that many non-programmers will find a lot of value here as well. One of the regular columns is called Get A Life and is about the various ways to find balance in life and recharge. I'm an apprentis instructor at a Tai Chi school and am passing this article around to the staff because it's so relevant.

Take a few minutes and check out the magazine, especially my article (with Dave Koelle) titled: "And Your Bugs Can Sing"


  1. I have a programmer friend who added sound monitoring to his company's webserver some years ago. He said he'd listen to it in the background during the day, while working, and could tell the state of the server pretty well. If it was slow, or busy, or getting attacked. I thought it was a really interesting application of sound to computing, and wonder why no one else has done anything like it, or that it remains so obscure.
    --Michael Harings

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