Monday, March 2, 2009

My JavaOne proposal was accepted!

My proposal to give a talk at JavaOne with my friend David Koelle was just accepted.
We'll be giving the following presentation in San Francisco in June.

Abstract: Would you like to create Java™ technology-based programs that play or create music but don't know where to begin? Come to this session to learn all about JFugue, an open-souce API that enables you to program music with ease. With its simple but powerful API, new UI components, and cool features, JFugue promotes creative music programming and exploration. For example, what if you could listen to what your application has been trying to say to you? Learn about Log4JFugue, which combines the power of Log4J and JFugue to turn your application's logging into a real-time song. By listening to your application, your pattern-matching brain can detect subtle changes in behavior that would normally be lost in a sea of log messages. The intended audience for this technical session is developers at any level who are interested in writing musical programs or who would like to use more parts of their brain to increase their productivity. In the session • Learn how to get and use JFugue • Learn about some advanced and exciting features of JFugue, including new ones • Learn about Log4JFugue for turning your log files into songs


  1. Congrats! Brian.


  2. that's awesome! good luck at the conference!
    break some legs ;)

  3. For your fun: turning java source code structure into music: